Thursday, February 3, 2011

Department Again Tops 2,000 Volunteer Hours in 2010!

For the second year in a row, over 2,000 volunteer hours have been donated to the Local History Collection at the Van Buren District Library.  19 individuals from around the country donated their time and expertise by helping to staff the department and with work-at-home projects.

Volunteers continue to be very important to the success of the collection as they provide support to the Local History Librarian.  Since the collection is open anytime during the library's 58-hour week, volunteers help fill in by volunteering "in-house" where they work directly with patrons, assist with shelving, work on special projects, and provide overall added security.

"Work-at-home" volunteers are tireless in their efforts to assist with indexing, newspaper clipping, and assist with the library's large Southwest Michigan Obituary Project.  Indexes are created and added to the library's Local History Master Index which is nearing the million record mark.

More volunteers are always needed, so anyone interested in becoming a Local History volunteer, either locally in-house or by working at home, may contact the library for more information.