Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Research Tip : Use of Checklists to Enhance Family History Research (Part 2)

                        Courtesy of Rootweb.com
In Part 1 (September 6th post), we discussed the types of things that might appear in your General Sources Checklist.  When I created my list in 1995, computers were relative newcomers to the genealogical community and the internet just a baby.  Today, we must recognize that no genealogical research is complete without "washing" your family names through all of the major players in the online community of databases, and some of the minor ones.

At this point you're saying "I've only got one lifetime to work on my genealogy."  This is true and you do have to pick your battles in terms of time spent on internet searches.  A well thought-out checklist will do just that.  The sites on my list include:
And my Michigan section:
You may be aware that some of the content of these sites is also searchable through Google & Mocavo, but be sure to learn of the limitations of such searches, and learn the techniques (read Google Your Family Tree, by Daniel Lynch).

Next time we'll talk about creating a checklist to assist you in locating collections pertinent to your area or topic of research...

Nameless Picture of the Day
 unknown Civil War soldier
Photographer - H. B. Leckenby, artist, Dowagiac

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