Monday, September 26, 2011

Upcoming Event : Getting the Most From Ancestry & Intro to World Vital Records, October 3

Many users of and Ancestry Library Edition are not getting the full value from their time spent searching on these sites.  Why is that?  Because the first instinct for all of us is to start plugging in names and see what quick results we can find. 

Instant gratification is great, but what if I told you that you are likely missing a large portion of useful information simply because you aren't aware of alternative search methods and seemingly hidden content within the site?

I am pleased to present Getting the Most Out of Ancestry, a lecture with live internet examples, designed to assist users in ferreting out more information.  Plan to attend this free public program sponsored by the Van Buren District Library Bangor Branch, Monday, October 3, 2011, at 6 p.m. 

It comes to mind that the premise of this topic parallels the Tim Taylor philosophy of "more power" on the popular Home Improvement series.  It just takes a little tweaking...The same applies to successful genealogical web searching.

During the lecture, we will discuss:
  1. Search Strategies
  2. Why Searches Don't Yield Expected Results
  3. Components of the View Image & View Records pages
  4. Navigating the Search Page (not the Home Page)
  5. A Breakdown of the Major Record Types
  6. Tips
The last portion of the evening will be spent giving a brief introduction to World Vital Records, an up-and-coming online genealogical subscription database with free access through the Van Buren District Library. 

Pre-registration for Getting the Most Out of Ancestry is required due to limited seating.  Contact the Bangor Branch Library to make your reservation or with questions.

Nameless Picture of the Day
 unknown woman wearing tiara
Photographer - Bradley, Buchanan

Can you identify the woman in this photo?  Are you familiar with the photographer's name?   Please contact us if you have any information and we will publish it in a future blog.  Please include the five character catalog number with your e-mail.