Thursday, October 20, 2011

Collection Highlight : Phillips Family Genealogy Donated

The Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society (VBRGS) has recently announced that it is the recipient of the gift of a large manuscript collection pertaining to the Phillips and related families of Southwest Michigan.  The gift was made by Gerald Phillips of Portage, Michigan, whose families were early pioneers of the Hamilton Township area of Van Buren County.

The collection, consisting of 36 volumes, consists of biographies, photographs, newspaper items & obituaries, charts, records transcriptions, copies of original documents, and rural school items compiled by Phillips who has arranged the entire collection by family line and has neatly placed them in sheet protectors.  Upon receipt of the collection, VBRGS president, Joyce Beedie, spent several hours re-packaging it from three-ring binders into neat & more space economical clasps, creating detailed cover sheets and labels for each of the volumes.

Mrs. Beedie also created a Master List to the collection, outlining which families are contained in each volume.  This Master List will be published in the November issue of the VBRGS quarterly, Van Buren Echoes.  Although the collection has yet to have an every-name index, this list will quickly enable researchers to locate specific family lines.  The every-name index is soon to come as Mr. Phillips has agreed to begin work on that project this winter.

The main families included are Phillips, Phelps, Rose and Tumbleson with the following collateral lines (note the letters in parenthesis indicate to which family line the family belongs):

Andrews  (Phi)
Andrews  (R)
Baker  (R)
Barnhart  (Phe)
Benson  (Phi)
Bigelow  (R)
Borden  (Phi)
Bourchier  (R)
Bowker  (R)
Bridge  (R)
Britten  (Phi)
Brumbaugh  (T)
Camerer  (R)
Clapp  (R)
Clapper  (Phi)
Clare  (Phi)
Colchester  (R)
Collet  (T)
Cooper  (Phe)
Curtis  (R)
Cutler  (R)
Daubeney  (R)
Davenport  (R)
DeClifford  (R)
DeLouvaine  (R)
deWytewell  (R)
Dilsaver  (R)
Elliott  (Phi)
Eyestone  (R)
Fitzgerald  (T)
Flagg  (R
Frazee  (Phe)
Garfield  (R)
Godfrey  (Phi)
Hankeford  (R)
Hartshorn  (T)
Hobbs  (R)
Hoghe  (T)
Howard  (T)
Jessup  (Phi)
Johnson  (Phi)
Kemmer  (R)
Kidder  (Phi)
Kitson  (R)
Linn  (R)
Low  (Phi)
Manners  (R)
Mauper  (Phe)
McAlpine  (Phi)
McGowan  (R)
Meachum  (Phe)
Meeker  (Phe)
Meese  (R)
Metzgar  (T)
McGivney  (Phi)
Miller  (T)
Mueller  (T)
Parmenter  (R)
Plantagenet  (R)
Potter  (R)
Pratt  (Phi)
Pulver  (Phi)
Robinson  (Phi)
Russell  (R)
Schaeffer  (R)
Scherer  (T)
Schoolcraft  (R)
Schram  (R)
Seman  (Phe)
Sibson  (Phi)
Small  (Phi)
Suits  (Phi)
Sweet  (Phe)
Thom  (T)
Thoroman  (T)
Whistler  (R)
Wineland  (T)
Wyland  (T)

The Phillips Family Genealogy is housed as part of the Local History Collection of the Van Buren District Library.   As a manuscript, it is housed in storage, so researchers planning to view it should contact the Local History Department in advance of their visit to inquire about access. 

This large donation is one of several that have been accepted by VBRGS and the library in recent years, all pertaining to Southwest Michigan families.  For more information about the local history manuscript collections, or to inquire about making a donation of Southwest Michigan related materials, contact the Local History Department.

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