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"I Found My Family on the Internet...Or Did I?", October 3

October is Family History Month and the Van Buren District Library will celebrate it with a public program entitled, "I Found My Family on the Internet...Or Did I?", Wednesday, October 3, 6 p.m. at the Webster Memorial Library in Decatur.

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As your presenter for the evening, I will discuss and show examples of many of the techniques needed for the successful online family history detective :
  1. Database, catalog & web searching
  2. Dissection of original documents
  3. Evaluating records extracts/abstracts
  4. Recognizing clues that lead to additional records
  5. Tips for locating offline records

There is no question that online family history searching can be loads of fun, and with relative ease you can download, print or extract volumes of information that may (or may not) connect to your family.  Consequently, the ease with which families can be "pieced" together, often without the benefit of sources or original records to back it up, find many genealogists being led down the primrose path, or prematurely roadblocked. 

Internet has become synonymous with "instant gratification," and one of the casualties of this is that many of  the steps of solid research methodology that we offliners had to learn years ago, are now being skipped or distorted. 

In a nutshell, this program has been designed to instruct in the some of the best and vast uses of the internet, to recognize its limitations, and demonstrate ways to make optimal use of it as a genealogical "tool," not as a solution.  We will also touch on the key components of solid family history research.

"I Found My Family..." is open to public, but pre-registration is requested.  To reserve your seat, call the library at (269)423-4771 or send us an e-mail.  Also contact us with any questions.

Nameless Picture of the Day
 Unidentified man
Photographer - Smith & Thaldorf, Niles

Can you identify the man in this cabinet card?  Do you have knowledge of the photographer?  Please contact us if you have any information and we will publish it in a future blog.  Please include the photo's catalog number with your e-mail. 

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