Saturday, May 4, 2013

Library Launches New Mentoring Program

The Van Buren District Library (VBDL) is pleased to announce the initiation of its Mentoring Program for family and local history patrons. 

Are you starting out in your search for your family history and would like to know about how to find more information, or how to better organize it?  Do you have roots in Southwest Michigan and would like to learn all you can about what information may be available about your family?  Have you spent most of your time surfing the internet and would like to know where to go next? 

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes", then the Mentoring Program may be for you...

Starting this May, experienced volunteers from the VBDL Local History department will be providing a one-on-one opportunity for instruction to its patrons.  The Mentoring Program is a free service available to those who can visit the library in person. 

Using the resources available in the Local History Collection and research tools such as forms & charts and select online subscription databases, volunteers will provide instruction to specific research questions.

Those who sign up for an appointment should plan to:
  1. Select a specific research question or goal 
  2. Bring with you any documents or paperwork associated with your query
  3. Organize information for quick access
  4. Create a checklist of those things that have already been tried or completed
 Each session will consist of at least:
  1. Entrance interview to determine goal(s)of session
  2. Introduction to the Local History Collection and checklist of resources pertinent to session goal(s)
  3. Discussion about organization of data
  4. General information about upcoming events & programs
  5. Exit interview and creation of To Do List
The mentoring sessions are an opportunity to "pick the brain" of experienced family & local history historians, but are not research services.  Visitors will be be provided with valuable instruction in order to continue their research on their own either in the Local History Collection, online or at other sites.
One-hour mentoring sessions may be scheduled by contacting the Local History department by e-mail at or call (269)423-4771. 

Nameless Picture of the Day
 unknown man
Photographer - Withey, Bangor

Can you identify the man in this carte-de-visite, taken in Bangor, Michigan?  Please contact us if you any information and we will publish it in a future blog.  Please include the photo's catalog number with your e-mail. 

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